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Cork City 2013

8/23/2014 2:30:07 AM
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I'm in the city between Cangshan and Erhai stroll, breathing is a calm style. I felt his casual and even some lazy in this smooth, quiet, I like that shade of sunshine penetrate the dust, haze and freedom.
Scattered just let the dust settles it, walk right up on it , quiet look at their respective destination. Xu is each Qingming ......
The quiet surroundings makes me feel a pleasant, surrounded fromScattered horizon summer sun makes me feel that the unique fragrance.
? Following 3 semesters, their chair is actually bare, the actual instructor stated he or she visited an additional college, your woman looked over the actual bare tables, a few not really thoughts the actual flavor.
The things the person perfected, was first managed to graduate right from jr . graduating, and therefore the go on two year period are typically in absolutely love, as well as any uproar around, all the families die-off to measure ------
8/23/2014 2:28:27 AM
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Then I woke up , the unpleasant smell of sweat With wrapped in the quilt , I cover the nose, struggling to get up , a look at the clock , the time is coming to Wu Sisi with Shuangpinai of it.
Publication information............ relaxing tone. "Into...... " Xing hydrophone tone that could be your elegance company representative, could possibly " are provided " word of mouth is actually not exported, the duty for this has got found yourself in any meal table, however , consumers really need to move out.
Silent air-to- river, a pregnant how long love letter ? Meeting you was the most beautiful of my life accidents can end up "human face I do not know where the Green Wave still East" , you give off warmth and warmth today has become my dream dreams struggling to pursue .
March spring is full, blooming in March has been opened in March, walking in Mouli season, with just one call, there will be water in bright gentle facial features. Mo Qing Han, had a rope could not smoke Dai Cui, oblique rain, such as weaving, dense Lvfeihongshou.
Change from when to start it ? Perhaps from a girl who called许舒婷the moment we walked into the class of it. She looked beautiful , big eyes , pink cheeks , giving a sense of intimacy.
8/23/2014 2:27:58 AM

At this point, how she wanted to be sitting under a tree listening to you play the harmonica girl, white plain skirt Fall in love with one of her mesmerizing thoughts no period , perhaps you know her, but could not see her ; tree the wind ripped off a few slices of flowers , falling in her hands , half white and half red , holding it in her heart of hearts , that touch of fragrance incense thoroughly a Sentimental .
That day, someone gave him advice : Do not just be envious of rich people , the people have to look at is how the rich . Choi baby one , yes , the rich must have a way to get rich . So he find out all sorts of excuses , companies, shops, one by one in turn . Hard work pays off , so he found a really important case, in all likelihood the rich are for the Treasurer . Choi baby suddenly realized that he is not up rich , mainly because there is no worship the God of Wealth .
Lovers palace, his beloved wife died young, brought him mentally very heavy blow. Confidante leave his fragmented heart and cut out a deep scar. Forbidden Mirage Bi-yu, the aura of imperial bodyguard, wasted his youth. Magnificent aristocratic life like fetters cage, boundless desolation and solitude, filled with confused confused heart, heartbroken at the back, stealing zero, is more than tears?
You look really nice to sing , I can not help but want to seriously look at you . Gently put the ear hair when brushing his face looks handsome , hard look when singing softly , slightly flustered you . Climax when obviously shy pretending to be calm and shy expression and itself does not seem natural , in my opinion this tension is particularly lovely unnatural . Quiet face can not start with a point of depression , mouth slightly cocked look like a child , at this age , but no rare playful little childish state.
There seems to have truly turned nothingness like a long tune in the poppy turned into strings broke cover in a crowded confusion .
8/23/2014 2:27:25 AM

Some say returning to their roots, who is the same, old, wanted to return to the place of his birth, it seems that fate is their own birthplace. According to this argument, but old people will always miss his hometown, where people miss, water and soil. Although there may be a relationship between the people and they have not, and the same thoughts, thoughts that gave birth to his own place.
Unbearable too light nor too heavy to bear . Trek in the journey of life , the way we dust , fragile boat of life has been carrying too much, overwhelmed wandering moment facing stranded sink. Rain , revisit their lives once , and then filtered again to life , the painful past , scattered in distant memory, the worldly troubles care in superficial, leaving a good mood , waiting for tomorrow, fine clean it , organize it , then put it into books , when read in solitude .
Is certainly immediately receptive this page, any heading appearing in good shape my best atmosphere. That i were unable during the different semester keep tabs on any promotion, however , once eighteen months, That i was anxiously a good squad standard. Easy methods to do it right? That i hid during at this point to read the paper, couldn't choose to move out.
Northeast winter seems to come a little early than the Central Plains , cold weather , biting wind , so people feel bad to the extreme. But he was smiling looks . Yes, he fell in love with her , and they love it. Her love for him to let him get rid of the shackles of depression and anguish , love to cheer him up . He first felt the power of love so great .
People are unable to interpret their own confusion , but one day you can really interpret yourself , you will not exist.
8/23/2014 2:27:15 AM
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For a long period of time do not want to write, no less gratuitous heart was quiet, in fact, more precisely, is unwilling to write, just write down the text because unconsciously always sad, depressed unconscious. Do not want this, and fear that the text will make a friend feel pessimistic, bored. Has always been a real person, has been revealed in the text are also too many sad melancholy, just understand that when those words so that the release of pent-up feelings, but also may bring their own distress and anxiety. Like those who care about my friend said to me: "Every time I see you talk about, for you have something holds a sweat suit deep heart, not many people will sympathize and understand.." To see such a sincere When words, my heart can be shocked that the words express. Yes, I Hedeheneng have a real honest person so treated.
See the word I do not know how to write .
? "You're this honey, I will check with you actually, to help find out this element, inches your dog wronged, that it was its initially attack, at the first try you'll encounter the second or over moments simply quite a few not important makes a difference, quarrels them surpassed, nonetheless the girl's soul there's a simple darkness.
Dressed in plain dress , a cup of sake, a moon, crescent Acacia, sidewalk do , human Melancholy unlimited . Ray Liu Di , a practice breeze , a clear word Que , some sounds of nature , more Dangqi heart sea ripples pieces .
Our hometown reunion dinner is the last day of the year to eat in the morning, so the child New Year's Eve day, my mother got up at four o'clock to prepare meals, and so the rice cooked, my father and I would mention the food, take yellow paper with firecrackers and went to the shrine of the "grandfather" who burn incense. Someone would have seemed more on the ancestral home of their ancestors more respect. I can remember when playing since my family has been in the top five. Etc. After we got home, our family reunion dinner began.
8/23/2014 1:38:05 AM
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8/22/2014 10:52:46 PM
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8/22/2014 10:43:34 PM
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8/22/2014 10:42:34 PM
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8/22/2014 10:36:31 PM
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8/22/2014 10:35:10 PM
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